Who you gonna call?

Who you gonna call?
Looks like I might be needing these guys…

2 hours into the first use, guess what?

I can’t believe it. Exactly the same spot, top left corner, a ring the same size as though it’s being touched. By the time I started filming the touch wasn’t there anymore but the unlock curtain was still reluctant to scroll up so I had to restart the device. Pulled the screen protector off just in case it’s related to that (exit stage left TWO nice shiny screen protectors now…) so I’ll see if it comes back. But not the start I was looking for with this new baby. The device continued to have this problem over the weekend so the video is a montage of several clips I took.

Last thing last night I did a device refresh just on the offchance it’s related to a firmware update (though my last device faulted all the way through various updates), will see if it changes anything.

5 thoughts on “Who you gonna call?

  1. Im having the exact same issues. I got a replacement and just like you after 20 min the same issue is back. I have tried to explain to Microsoft that it happens randomly and that updates don’t fix anything. Any luck on your end with tech support?

    1. Sorry to hear you’re having the same problem Niall, but at least we’re not alone! MS have authorised a second replacement on my device. They did suggest seeing if it’s anything to do with having the keyboard or power connected next time it faults, and I’ve just done a device refresh and am holding off on installing any updates. If it faults again this will prove it’s not the updates, and I’ll check the keyboard / power at the same time. I sent them my videos which seemed to help so you might want to do that. Post a link to yours here if you make one.


      1. BAP-BOWWWW. I haven’t restarted my device since refreshing it so it didn’t install any of the updates it had downloaded (it already had one update I think it was to Windows Defender installed), and today it faulted again. I’d had it on power for quite a while so it didn’t run flat and force a restart / update, but the problem happened a minute or so after I unplugged it and started using it. However once the fault was there it remained when the keyboard was disconnected / reconnected, and same with the power. So all one could argue is that perhaps the fault wouldn’t initially occur with the keyboard disconnected and/or the power connected. No screen turning off would make it go away so I’ve had to restart and install the updates just now, but suffice to say this has proven the fault isn’t related to firmware or drivers being installed. In any case surely everyone would be having the same problem.

        If it’s not the device (which MS has already blamed), the only thing which has persisted across both devices has been my touch cover and my profile. MS hasn’t suggested changing either of these although I could try running it with no cover for a little while. Maybe I could activate the guest account and see if it happens logged into that one.

        1. Mine was running perfect until the battery was low and i recharged. After this i opened it up and the problem was there. This happened twice. I have been asked by Microsoft to check the accounts so im going to set up a new one and see what happens. If that works i will let you know. Do you think if that is the problem that they will merge the accounts as i have purchased apps?

          1. I’d be very surprised if they wouldn’t help out if that turned out to be the problem. I’m currently considering profile and app possibilities – check out http://www.themusinggreg.com/tech/surface-2-screen-saga-do-you-run-these-apps/ and see if you share any of these apps. My most recent problem happened fairly soon after I brought the device off charge but that’s not always been the case. I’m all up to date with my patches now having had to restart to get it behaving again so I’ll be switching to the Guest account if it happens again and see if this fixes it. Beyond there I may have to remove my profile but really not keen to do that as I can’t do too much with a guest account! I’ll be very interested to hear how you go with your experiment.

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