LG G2 touchscreen problems

What is it with me and phantom touches?? After enduring this with my Surface 2, I’ve now got the same thing with my LG G2. Fortunately I find it’s not a new problem, but it’s definitely frustrating!

As you can see it intermittently has a ‘dead band’ across the screen about 1/3 of the way down (~650 pixels on the Y axis) and when it’s faulting it often registers phantom touches in this area making the phone almost unusable. It’s also very difficult to pull down the notification shade when this is happening. There is another consistently dead band right at the top of the screen around 100px. With Show Touch Data enabled, when I slide my finger towards the top of the screen, the Y axis decreases to about 168px and then snaps to zero. My wife has the same phone and hers moves smoothly to zero, and the notification shade slides up and fades out whereas mine just disappears. This dead band makes it impossible to select any of the tools in the Quick Memo application as they all sit in this dead band. When it’s faulting, Knock On doesn’t work. When you touch the screen in either of these areas when faulting, it registers a touch either side of your finger. Sometimes it miraculously cures itself as the video shows. This is the case after a hard reset.

It’s gone back to the Australian repair agent so time will tell what is the outcome.

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