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Here today, gone tomorrow

Ditters Nuts in Gawler Place (copyright
Ditters Nuts in Gawler Place (copyright

A couple of years ago I happened to walk along Gawler Place in Adelaide, between Rundle Mall and North Tce. It wasn’t my normal route to the bus stop but for some reason my journey took me that way (I’m hoping I was buying flowers for my wife in the Mall!). Anyway I stumbled across this Ditters Nuts shop which looked for all the world like it was still in the 50’s. I don’t say this as a criticism at all, because in a world that’s always changing it was refreshing to see a little business which had evidently been in the same place for many years, still going about its business. Over the next few months I made a point of stopping by Ditters and sampling their delicious wares (if you’ve never had freshly roasted nuts you haven’t lived!). Continue reading Here today, gone tomorrow

A touching moment

Kids are always a mixture of joys and challenges.

Our 8 year old daughter is a typical oldest sibling who’s capable of putting her two little brothers (6 and 4) in their place. I guess sibling rivalry is part of growing up, but we’ve been seeing a bit too much recently and eventually the teasing and bickering hit flash point when things started getting physical. Continue reading A touching moment